Personal Shopping Sessions

Experience a personalised shopping journey by booking a one-on-one session with our style specialists. Enjoy a complimentary hour-long session in the exclusivity of our store, closed to the public during your appointment. If however you live too far away to visit our stores, a personal virtual appointment can be arranged for you. As you immerse yourself in this tailored experience, savor the option of indulging in a glass of fizz for that extra touch of luxury.

Whether you prefer the company of friends or wish to embark on this journey solo, the choice is entirely yours – we're here to cater to your needs. Our sessions are crafted to be warm, friendly, and enjoyable, focused on boosting your fashion confidence and leaving you feeling absolutely fabulous. Expect creative suggestions and style ideas that may open up new possibilities for your wardrobe.

These sessions are not only about exploring new styles but also about providing support for those looking to step out of their comfort zones or break free from a fashion rut. With no obligation to make a purchase, our aim is to assist you on your journey to greater confidence and style

How to book...

  • Call 01227 719264
  • We will get you booked in on a suitable date, and location
  • We will go through a small questionnaire to ensure we give you the best experience possible, and any answer any of your questions